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About JETZ.acx

You can call me Gabe, or you can call me the Jetman. Either way, I’m just a bizarre human being living in the suburbs of Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Born and raised in Maryland when I was little, much of my lifetime since I was little was spent living in the US Territory from the Caribbean. Developing a strong knowledge of computers and mathematics, I was always considered the smartest in the group – usually requiring little to no studying to ace tests and a knack to write outstanding essays during those dreaded month-long projects. I was also subject to bullying and was often taken advantage of, but I was lucky to have supportive parents and a long list of friends who have supported me throughout my school days.

After leaving high school, I’ve studied a bachelor degree in computer science, all while continuing my passion towards video games and a strong sense of collaboration – this is thanks to a bit of help from some old friends back when I was beginning in college. It was then that I got into the likes of Anicardios – the rowdy group of mischievous MMO-playing people who often prided of their secrecy and tendency of causing drama around their vicinity, thanks in part to their leader, the Black Rose Ravenstyles – now known as BirdieTheRose. Eventually, I also got acquainted with the likes of The Legend of Zelda fan movement, Want Midna Back, as well as becoming a fan of the gaming website ScrewAttack, which is now part of RoosterTeeth.

Nowadays, I spend my days playing games online while living my life at my own pace. My current job is at a call center working as a customer service representative, with previous experience on sales for a major cable company. As for my future, everything’s uncertain; but one dream I have, and one that I want to fulfill before I leave this world, is to gather everyone who has managed to make my life worthwhile come together in a giant, unforgettable, 3-day party. Until then, I will dream ahead for a future where I can sustain myself and, perhaps, someone close to me, to the point that I’ll leave my legacy in this world.

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  • Frequency: Often
    Comments: Facebook is a social network that I use frequently, due to the majority of my friends are usually found there. My Facebook Page is growing and constantly getting updates, where polls and occasional news regarding my whereabouts can be found here.


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  • Frequency: Often
    Comments: While not as common as on Facebook, Twitter is my second home. I will post reactions towards events, live tweets on popular TV shows, or comment on everyday life. Either way, if you want a more public venue to follow me, make sure to do so on Twitter.


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  • Frequency: Uncommon
    Comments: I don’t post pictures since I don’t tend to shoot an entire album of my life – after all, I’m very reclused in my own walls. That said, you might see an occasional new picture or two every week, so it’s worth following if you want to see my life around me.


  • YouTubeYouTube
  • Frequency: Often – Streaming via YouTube Gaming
    Comments: YouTube Gaming has grown in the past few years and has become a new home for me to broadcast and interact with gamers across the world. There will be a time when I’ll manage to get partnership with the website, but for the time being, just join the chat and have fun.


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  • Frequency: Rarely
    Comments: I usually don’t make content here. I might check for certain topics and matters but Tumblr is a page that I visit once a week or even twice. You can follow if it’s your preferred way of viewing content, but I’ll admit that it isn’t my network of choice.


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  • Frequency: Rarely
    Comments: I stream often, and usually this is my primary place to do so. Twitch has a bad reputation for newcomers and streamers who play games outside of the more popular League of Legends and Counter Strike, but my goal is to have fun and bring entertainment – and that’s exactly what you will get.